Sunday, July 22, 2012

Those people (1) ❤ July, 21, 2012

Time flies.
Blink, blink, blink, and I have already been here for three weeks now.

I've done lots of things during these 21 days. From case study to real clients, from stranger to friends, from getting lost to being familiar, I am recognizing, understanding and enjoying this city and the people.

Rhema is my assigned buddy. She is a very nice and cute girl. This vivacious small girl is friendly and patient. I feel lucky to have her as my first friend here.

Siow Long is my manager. He is a cool guy. I was a little bit nervous when talking to him at first, but it slowly went away after I interact more with him and found out he is such a nice, intelligent, and experienced boss! He is so professional and skillful that he can answer my questions in such a precise and easily understood way. I still have a lot to learn  from him. Oh, did I mention he has a really cute daughter?! She is so adorable that I can't help screaming out!

Jayashree, a google manager in our office, came from India. She is a very funny and generous lady. She is a vegetarian. She took us to a India restaurant for lunch last week. It's my first time eating authentic India food and they were so yummy!  India food is so spicy that even I, a girl who grew in a city which is well known for spicy food, could not take all of them. 

Francis is a kind and lovely lady who is assigned from the US office. She treated Tashia and me a nice dinner last Friday and I had my first wine tasting experience here in Singapore! Although I've forgotten the name of the wine, I remember that it was really good and smooth. Coming from Manhattan, she has a pretty expensive but very good taste. Francis is a very outgoing lady, and I can tell that she loves being with friends! She travels a lot, and I am so glad that she's been to China as well! It could be a very interesting journey if we have a chance to travel around together. I will show her the best and most beautiful part of China.

Those people are part of my new life here in PwC Singapore. There are more interesting people I have not described in my blog. 
As with time goes by, those people I've met with, things I've experienced, and places I've been visited, will be updated to you through my blog.

My story is to be continued.......

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