Sunday, August 12, 2012

Those places (2) ❤ Aug, 1, 2012

Raffles Hotel, the original place of Singapore Sling......

Opened in 1887, Raffles Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the world. This hotel is a colonial style building named after Singapore's founder Sir Stamford Raffles.

This building has a long history, therefore, full of stories.

Singapore Sling is an authentic cocktail drink considered as one of the most impressive memories that this old but famous hotel bears. Although its original recipe has been modified, Singapore Sling sold at Long Bar in Raffles Hotel is still a well-known cocktail of the world. Being mixed with several kinds of juices, this drink has a really unique, smooth, and unforgettable taste. Although it costs S$26 per drink, it’s really worth a try. 

It could be the best afternoon when you are sitting down in this old style bar, cracking of peanuts, and then throwing it just on the ground by following its tradition, sipping the iced Singapore Sling now and then, and talking to your friends or enjoying the quite environment.

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari......

At a sunny Saturday, we finally made our zoo trip. Went out early since we wanted to leave plenty time to observe those lovely animals and to catch up with the night safari later on the day.
Comprised of Wild Africa, Cat Country, Primate Kingdom and several other parks, the Singapore Zoo is really large place to explore and it is full of fun. I felt like I'm back to a little kid again, surprised by those cute and amazing animals, learning their unique characteristics, and enjoying their special shows.
Bornean orangutans were just hanging over our head, rare white tigers were staring at us from meters away, huge but lovely Asian elephants were showing their works......

There are so much fun and so many surprises. I believe that all kinds of people can find their love to animals here, and will therefore treasure them and protect them thereafter.

Night safari is a new thing to me. We were very excited for this unique experience. 

Thanks for a sudden rainstorm, at least 50+ people were giving up their line. It shortened our waiting time for the night safari tram. Even though, it still took us almost a hour to get on the tram. So, we could imagine how popular this safari is, nothing can stop our passion for it, not even the rainstorm!
Over 1000 nocturnal creatures rise to embrace a beautiful new night after the sunset. Can you imagine that the Malayan tapirs were walking right besides your tram without paying any attention to you? You can touch it if you stretch out your hand. It is so close but those creatures are so clam! Perhaps, they have already gotten used to it? I was so surprised and excited about this experience. 
Besides different kinds of animal shows, the fire dance at the entrance was also wonderful. But it's a pity that I couldn't take a photo of the show as it was really crowded.

China Town......

The biggest surprise for us from Chinatown is the iced coffee. We found a place named Nan yang Old Coffee. Everything there is great! Cheap and delicious!! For just S$1.8, you can enjoy a cup of iced coffee with perfect sweetness. 

Of course, the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is worth a visit too. The stateliness and Buddhist atmosphere is impressive. It feels like you could clam down and find the peace here no matter how. 

The long weekend is coming. This time, my journey will be to Bangkok, Thailand. My story is to be continued... 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Those places (1) ❤ July, 22, 2012

We are programmed to associate places with experiences. We remember places as they relate to our stories. Some places are sweet and happy, some may be exciting and busy, and some may be associated with sadness or sorrow.

Orchard Road, great place for shopping and entertainment...
Orchard road is a very long and crowded street. As a major tourist site, it comprises of numerous shopping centers, fun places, and fancy restaurants. From luxurious brands, such as LV, PRADA, GUCCI and etc, to more common brands. As a experienced shopper, I have to say that you can find whatever you want on the Orchard road. To Renee and Sallie, my Clemson Student Enrichment director and International Program coordinator, you two should visit Singapore and you will love here! This place is such a paradise for shoppers!!!
In addition, shopping malls here are very artistically designed with elegant look. Therefore, you can enjoy window shopping while enjoying the site.

Marina Bay Sand Hotel, pleasure Casino VS. peaceful SkyPark...
Oh, don't presume that we actually stayed in this hotel. Although we really want to, it is too expensive for us.
This hotel is so special that it has become an iconic place of Singapore. With the world's most expensive standalone casino property at the bottom floor, the three 55-story towers hotel has the "SkyPark" which spans the rooftop of these three towers.
We went to the Casino and found out we can not handle any of them. However, we love the SkyPark site. There's a really long swimming pool with vanishing glasses edge that takes 2/3 of the rooftop. Between the swimming pool and the public observation deck, there's a fancy restaurant called KU DE TA.
We had somehow got into the public observation deck for free whereas we were told by everyone in our office that it usually costs S$20 per person. I guess we were just really lucky.
The view from this rooftop is amazing! I totally fall in love with this city. Fronting the Marina Bay in Singapore, 360-degree views of Singapore skyline is presented to you.
Tashia and I were so glad that we made it although we were really tired after a long-day working. This spectacular views and fresh air from the SkyPark are definitely worth experiencing!

Sentosa and the Singapore Cable Car...
You are not coming to Singapore if you haven't visit Sentosa. This famous beach is not just a sand covered beach. Located in the southern island of Singapore, Sentosa has lots of resorts, attractions, museums and other facilities that worth visiting. For example, the famous Merlion  Statue, Fort Siloso, or the Universal Studio and many others tourist sites are great places to visit.

Sentosa is not a single beach. Instead, it actually comprises of several beaches. Each of them are remarkable and scenic. Who can say no to this beautiful beach? Especially in this lovely weather! So, we took off our shoes, walked along the beach , and enjoy the lovely sunshine and sea breeze. We even went across the characteristic cordage bridge and went to the southern most point of Continental Asia!

We took a cable car from the harbor front to Sentosa. Then, we went back to the "Jewel Box", a iconic restaurant located on the Mountain Faber.
The cable cars are all Angry Birds themed. There are really cute! Some of the cable cars even have big angry bird toys in them! The cable car owner must be a big fan of Angry Birds! =D

Of course, we have chance to enjoy the bird's-eye view from the cable car. We had a great look of the landscapes, buildings, and scenery!

Travelling around the world has always been my dream and is always on my top to do list. I wish I can visit as many place as possible, meet as many people as possible, experience, and understand different cultures as many as possible. I believe that the life is on the way. Places that we traveled through, people we met, and things we experienced are all part of our rich and colorful life. They hold a special place in our memories.
My steps will never stop. Our journey is To be continued... 

Those people (1) ❤ July, 21, 2012

Time flies.
Blink, blink, blink, and I have already been here for three weeks now.

I've done lots of things during these 21 days. From case study to real clients, from stranger to friends, from getting lost to being familiar, I am recognizing, understanding and enjoying this city and the people.

Rhema is my assigned buddy. She is a very nice and cute girl. This vivacious small girl is friendly and patient. I feel lucky to have her as my first friend here.

Siow Long is my manager. He is a cool guy. I was a little bit nervous when talking to him at first, but it slowly went away after I interact more with him and found out he is such a nice, intelligent, and experienced boss! He is so professional and skillful that he can answer my questions in such a precise and easily understood way. I still have a lot to learn  from him. Oh, did I mention he has a really cute daughter?! She is so adorable that I can't help screaming out!

Jayashree, a google manager in our office, came from India. She is a very funny and generous lady. She is a vegetarian. She took us to a India restaurant for lunch last week. It's my first time eating authentic India food and they were so yummy!  India food is so spicy that even I, a girl who grew in a city which is well known for spicy food, could not take all of them. 

Francis is a kind and lovely lady who is assigned from the US office. She treated Tashia and me a nice dinner last Friday and I had my first wine tasting experience here in Singapore! Although I've forgotten the name of the wine, I remember that it was really good and smooth. Coming from Manhattan, she has a pretty expensive but very good taste. Francis is a very outgoing lady, and I can tell that she loves being with friends! She travels a lot, and I am so glad that she's been to China as well! It could be a very interesting journey if we have a chance to travel around together. I will show her the best and most beautiful part of China.

Those people are part of my new life here in PwC Singapore. There are more interesting people I have not described in my blog. 
As with time goes by, those people I've met with, things I've experienced, and places I've been visited, will be updated to you through my blog.

My story is to be continued.......

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nice To Meet You Office ❤ July,7,2012

"Nice to meet you, I am the new intern. My name is Vivian......"
"Right, I'm from Clemson University. It's located in Clemson, South Carolina......"
"My major is accounting. And I am a recent graduate from the University......''

Before, I'd always wondered about how my new colleagues would be. After arriving at the office, I felt very welcomed. Many of my colleagues may look and be very serious, but I had never expected that they would be so friendly and nice!
Showing us around the office, introducing everyone to us, assigning a buddy to help us adapt to the new environment, and taking us out for lunch......

All my previous worries about how I would fit into the new environment have been diffused and eliminated by their welcoming kindness.

I just want to  say it out loud to everyone: NICE TO MEET YOU, OFFICE!

To be continued......

Monday, July 9, 2012

Good Morning PwC ❤ July,2,2012

In the heart of Singapore CBD, there is a 28-storey building. That is the PwC building.
PWC Building is an elegant granite-and-glass structure yielding 33,000 square metres of lettable office space, located by the Cross Street and Telok Ayer Street. 

Every time I gazed at the big PwC sign that is hanging on the top of the building, it gives me a sense of belonging.
"This is the place you will spend the following 8 weeks, from morning to dawn, every weekday." I told myself, looking up to our building on my first day.

On our first day, we arrived at the PwC building very early in the morning. The scheduled orientation was at 8:30am. However, since we were worried about being late, we took a taxi and arrived on 7 am. 
Waiting was not very fun, especially when you are so eager and excited about the coming new life.

However, I want to say good morning to Singapore and PwC at this very early morning.

Our new journey is on the way......

To be continued......

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello Singapore ❤ Jun,30,2012

1:30 p.m.,  June 30, 2012, we arrived at Changi Airport.
We are Natashia and me, Vivian.

We come a long way from the U.S. to Singapore, for a vacation internship at PwC.
Across the American Continent, overfly the Pacific Ocean, finally, I made my step on this dazzling place. Although exhausted, I am very excited! This is a place that I have been wishing to visit for a very long time. I've heard a lot about this amazing city. Clean, safe, well-organized, garden-like city,  prosperous, full of gourmets, and etc. It seems that people use many words of praise to compliment this place, and I am going to check it out during this eight-week vacation training.

However, the first impression that Singapore gave to me was neither the multiculturalism, nor the crowed airport, but it's the weather! It is really humid here! I feel like a sticky fish!

Anyway, I am ready for this coming busy but wonderful internship life with PwC in Singapore now! Actually, I can't wait!

Please let me say HELLO to Singapore at this very beginning.
And please mind my new life here is TO BE CONTINUED......