Monday, July 9, 2012

Good Morning PwC ❤ July,2,2012

In the heart of Singapore CBD, there is a 28-storey building. That is the PwC building.
PWC Building is an elegant granite-and-glass structure yielding 33,000 square metres of lettable office space, located by the Cross Street and Telok Ayer Street. 

Every time I gazed at the big PwC sign that is hanging on the top of the building, it gives me a sense of belonging.
"This is the place you will spend the following 8 weeks, from morning to dawn, every weekday." I told myself, looking up to our building on my first day.

On our first day, we arrived at the PwC building very early in the morning. The scheduled orientation was at 8:30am. However, since we were worried about being late, we took a taxi and arrived on 7 am. 
Waiting was not very fun, especially when you are so eager and excited about the coming new life.

However, I want to say good morning to Singapore and PwC at this very early morning.

Our new journey is on the way......

To be continued......

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