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Those places (2) ❤ Aug, 1, 2012

Raffles Hotel, the original place of Singapore Sling......

Opened in 1887, Raffles Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the world. This hotel is a colonial style building named after Singapore's founder Sir Stamford Raffles.

This building has a long history, therefore, full of stories.

Singapore Sling is an authentic cocktail drink considered as one of the most impressive memories that this old but famous hotel bears. Although its original recipe has been modified, Singapore Sling sold at Long Bar in Raffles Hotel is still a well-known cocktail of the world. Being mixed with several kinds of juices, this drink has a really unique, smooth, and unforgettable taste. Although it costs S$26 per drink, it’s really worth a try. 

It could be the best afternoon when you are sitting down in this old style bar, cracking of peanuts, and then throwing it just on the ground by following its tradition, sipping the iced Singapore Sling now and then, and talking to your friends or enjoying the quite environment.

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari......

At a sunny Saturday, we finally made our zoo trip. Went out early since we wanted to leave plenty time to observe those lovely animals and to catch up with the night safari later on the day.
Comprised of Wild Africa, Cat Country, Primate Kingdom and several other parks, the Singapore Zoo is really large place to explore and it is full of fun. I felt like I'm back to a little kid again, surprised by those cute and amazing animals, learning their unique characteristics, and enjoying their special shows.
Bornean orangutans were just hanging over our head, rare white tigers were staring at us from meters away, huge but lovely Asian elephants were showing their works......

There are so much fun and so many surprises. I believe that all kinds of people can find their love to animals here, and will therefore treasure them and protect them thereafter.

Night safari is a new thing to me. We were very excited for this unique experience. 

Thanks for a sudden rainstorm, at least 50+ people were giving up their line. It shortened our waiting time for the night safari tram. Even though, it still took us almost a hour to get on the tram. So, we could imagine how popular this safari is, nothing can stop our passion for it, not even the rainstorm!
Over 1000 nocturnal creatures rise to embrace a beautiful new night after the sunset. Can you imagine that the Malayan tapirs were walking right besides your tram without paying any attention to you? You can touch it if you stretch out your hand. It is so close but those creatures are so clam! Perhaps, they have already gotten used to it? I was so surprised and excited about this experience. 
Besides different kinds of animal shows, the fire dance at the entrance was also wonderful. But it's a pity that I couldn't take a photo of the show as it was really crowded.

China Town......

The biggest surprise for us from Chinatown is the iced coffee. We found a place named Nan yang Old Coffee. Everything there is great! Cheap and delicious!! For just S$1.8, you can enjoy a cup of iced coffee with perfect sweetness. 

Of course, the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is worth a visit too. The stateliness and Buddhist atmosphere is impressive. It feels like you could clam down and find the peace here no matter how. 

The long weekend is coming. This time, my journey will be to Bangkok, Thailand. My story is to be continued... 

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